Anthracite: “With Hatik, we thrived on our differences”

Anthracite: “With Hatik, we thrived on our differences”

Netflix's new detective series is based on a duo of formidable effectiveness. Noémie Schmidt tells us about her meeting with the rapper Hatik.

At first place in the ranking of the most popular series on Netflix France since its release on Wednesday, Anthracite recounts Ida's investigation in the Écrins massif, in search of her father and on the trail of a sordid sect. To help her in her investigations, she will be able to count on Jaro, played by the rapper Hatik.

Revealed on screen in the series Valid from Canal Plus, Clément Penhoat (from his civil status) thus crossed paths with Noémie Schmidt to form this explosive and complementary pair. What the Swiss actress confirms to us:

With Hatik, we're a bit like two cats. We each have our own universe“, confided to Première Noémie Schmidt. “On the set, it was a bit like the meeting of two solitudes.”

The actress who passed through 3615 Monica And Versailles continues by explaining how she and he surfed on their personal differences, to create the relationship of their characters:

“We come from very different backgrounds. He from the Parisian suburbs, me from Switzerland. I like to party, he is rather laid back. We are really distant and that has nourished the relationship between Ida and Jaro, who have nothing in common either, and who will learn to get along and work together. That's really what happened on the set, between Hatik and me and we used that for the series. “

Series Anthracite is currently available on Netflix.

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