This West Wing actor hated acting on the show and doesn't mince words

At the White House could have its English version, by the creator of Sherlock

It is one of the most acclaimed series of its time. The one who revealed Aaron Sorkin in the eyes of the world. For 7 seasons, To the White House revolutionized the political series. And twenty years after its conclusion, Steven Moffat would like to transpose the concept to England.

The creator of Sherlock would like to write a British version of The West Wing estimating (in The Times) that “any attempt to take contemporary politics seriously was absent from British television series. So I think it might be necessary to do The West Wing UK”.

Steven Moffat insists: “We have a problem. We think being cynical is sophisticated, but that’s how teenagers think. Our cynicism about our politics has given rise to cynical politicians. If you tell a child he’s bad, he becomes bad. If you tell politicians they’re a bunch of selfish maniacs, then what’s the point in trying to be anything else?”

The British screenwriter already warns that his version of The West Wing would still be funny, noting: “Things that make me laugh are very important from my point of view. It’s a form of truth that hits you. Drama is when you try to be profound, and comedy is when you succeed!

We do not yet know when or how this English remake will be made, not officially ordered.

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