Pont de l'Alma and tragedy: the trailer for season 6 of The Crown

Pont de l’Alma and tragedy: the trailer for season 6 of The Crown

Diana’s accident will be at the heart of the first episodes of the last part of the royal series.

The fateful hour has arrived. Season 6 of The Crown will begin with the year 1997, which will forever mark the royal family of England, with the death of Diana. The official trailer for part 1, unveiled this Thursday, sheds light on the former divorced princess, but still adored all over the world. Harassed by the paparazzi, we discover an overwhelmed, tired Diana, who is struggling to live her love story with Dodi Al-Fayed. Until this dramatic escapade in Paris, one August evening…

Under the Alma bridge, Diana’s car will lose control and Lady Di will lose her life. An international, but especially British, tragedy, the scope of which Queen Elizabeth II was unable to grasp. In her deafening silence, the sovereign conveyed to her grieving subjects all the brutality of the quarrel that had been brewing with her daughter-in-law for years.

Peter Morgan thus arrives on conquered territory. The creator of The Crown had in fact signed The Queen, in 2006, where he already dealt with the reaction of the royal family – and especially the queen – to the death of Lady Di. An Oscar up for grabs.

In any case, we understand from this trailer that part 1 of the final season 6 will be almost entirely devoted to Diana, the accident, the drama and its consequences on the crown.

Remember that season 6 of The Crown will be divided into two parts: volume one consisting of four episodes will be broadcast on November 16, 2023, the remaining six episodes (volume 2) will be broadcast on December 14, 2023.

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