Bachelor party (on Canal +): the first nugget of the year (review)

Bachelor party (on Canal +): the first nugget of the year (review)

A funny comedy about mourning, boosted by crazy dialogues, an improbable group of friends and a sincerity that bursts through the screen.

Do you have to make a wish when scattering ashes? » This is a question that you have probably never asked yourself, but that the series Bachelor party leads with disconcerting candor.

Paul and his friends are out at a strip club. But it’s not a “stag do” like any other. We are not in Very Bad Trip with drinking that turns into a blackout and his slippages pushed to excess. The boy whose life is being buried is Daniel, Paul’s big brother, who has just been killed in a road accident. On the eve of his funeral, his gang comes together to stand together in the face of pain.

Without tears or violin, this new offbeat mini-series from Canal + asserts itself in 1h30 (4 short episodes only) as a moving variation on mourning. Or how 4 friends and 1 brother cope with the death of one of their own. Admirably written, The Night of Sorrow unfolds into an elusive farce, which plays with expected feelings preferring to establish a delicious, inadequate unease, offset by an obvious sincerity.

Without ever forgetting to be moving, the comedy connects the lunar sequences. The floodgates burst forth with insane vivacity. So much so that this Funeral not like the others provokes hilarity through tension and absurdity. And as always in these series designed for lines, the casting does everything: Panayotis Pascot And Fary are the spearheads of a band where the madness of Guillermo Guiz and the Quebec revelation Adib Alkhalidey, adapted with quite spectacular deadpan humor. A series with a unique tone, which we didn’t expect. A tenderly enjoyable comedy… perfect for Valentine’s Day, right?

Bachelor party, in four episodes, in full on Canal + on February 14.

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