Before the Olympics, Tom Cruise films a scene on a motorcycle from Mission: Impossible 8 in Paris

Before the Olympics, Tom Cruise films a scene on a motorcycle from Mission: Impossible 8 in Paris

The star of the saga filmed an action scene on the Bir-Harkeim bridge.

“We knew that there would be a lot of filming in Paris in April and May, given that they will then be banned between June 16 and September 15 due to the Olympic Games.recalls journalist Damien Leblanc on X. But from there to imagine that Tom Cruise would come to film scenes from Mission Impossible this night…”

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The star surprised Parisians last night by filming a scene from the 8th part of the saga Impossible mission, still directed by Christopher McQuarrie in the French capital. More precisely on the Bir-Harkeim bridge. In tribute to “Jean-Paul Belmondo and Fear in the city ?”asks another movie buff, Philippe Lombard, on the same social network:

Tom Cruise still running on the set of Mission: Impossible 8

Seeing Tom Cruise shoot a new action scene in the middle of Paris could in any case be a way of coming full circle, because since the beginning of the spy franchise in the cinema, in 1996, he has several times filmed important sequences in France. We obviously remember the stunts on board a TGV in the original film, then numerous chases in the heart of the Capital in fallout (2018). In April and May 2017, the city welcomed the team of Mission: Impossible 6 for 35 days, passing through several tourist sites as desired (the banks of the Seine, the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Palais, etc.), which allowed for significant economic benefits: around 25 million euros would have been spent by the film crew during this shoot.

The shots in France of Mission: Impossible 8 will certainly be shorter, if all filming has to stop in mid-June, but the actor did not shy away from his pleasure: always at ease behind the wheel of a motorcycle, he greeted his fans between the taken and laughed with members of the technical team. He also has the mid-length hair he wore last month during outdoor shots in London.

Mission: Impossible 8 will be released in May 2025 in cinemas, and indeed, other anticipated film shootings are underway in France. Shortly after welcoming the one of the spin-off of The Walking Dead with Norman Reedus and obviously the hit Netflix series Emily in Parisfor example Richard Linklater who placed his cameras in the heart of the city for his film homage to the French New Wave.

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