Beware of My Little Reindeer

Beware of My Little Reindeer

The Netflix series hosted by Richard Gadd is not as innocent as its title suggests.

A surprise phenomenon since its broadcast on Netflix this weekend, the series My little reindeer, whose title may seem innocuous, is not really so. Centered on the figure of Donny, a thirty-year-old stuck behind a bar while waiting for his stand-up career to take off, it tells how the latter sees his life turned upside down by his meeting with Martha, the woman who will become his stalker. Seven episodes that actually tell the real story of Richard Gaddcreator, screenwriter and main actor of this story.

Based on the theme of harassment, the character explores traumas, each more violent than the last, from depression to homophobic and transphobic attacks and physical and sexual assaults. A somewhat demoralizing picture, we can say, that Netflix had already implied on April 22, after the broadcast of the series, by publishing this post on X (the former Twitter):

Two days later, caught up by spectator feedback, the American platform issued a real warning, calling on Internet users not to start watching the series unless they are psychologically ready to be confronted with a certain form of violence :

A late report, certainly, but which has the merit of existing and of warning future spectators of the unbearable scope of certain scenes in a series which perhaps lacks trigger warnings for the simple reason that it was released on the sly, without any real promotion.

Unfortunately, some will not have received the warning in time, like this viewer:

The seven episodes of My little reindeer can be discovered on Netflix.

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