The Green Line director comes out of retirement for Stranger Things season 5

The Green Line director comes out of retirement for Stranger Things season 5

Frank Darabont returns to film two episodes in the Upside Down.

In 2021, Frank Darabont officially retired. He had not directed anything since 2007 except for a few episodes of series – and again his last production dates back to 2013. Directing, for him, was over. Especially after his legal battle with the American channel AMC over The Walking Dead of which he was at the origin. According to the site World of Real, the renowned director and screenwriter has since been blacklisted in Hollywood.

However, it seems that his retirement ended recently. According to the American reporter Jeff Sneider, Frank Darabont should direct episodes 3 and 5 of the next and final season of Stranger Things.

Can we expect great drama and emotion, when we know that it is to Darabont that we owe the moving ones? The escapees (1994) and The green Line (1999) – both nominated for Oscars and elevated to cult film status?

Three things to know about… Les Évadés

Leaving the remaining characters facing an all-powerful Vecna, season 5 of Stranger Things looks even darker than the others. If for the moment, we have to make do with a little information here and there, fans are already developing theories as crazy as they are credible around upcoming events.

A while ago, a photo shared on social media of David Harbor (Hopper) with a longer-than-usual beard suggested that there would be a time jump. And when Maya Hawke – who plays Robin – declares that the season will be “awesome” while not knowing the outcome of the series, fans predict his character's premature farewell…

While waiting to confirm these theories, two things are nevertheless certain: season 5 will include eight episodes and filming continues.

Maya Hawke teases the finale of the Stranger Things series

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