Bill Skarsgård becomes The Crow: first images

Bill Skarsgård becomes The Crow: dark and violent first trailer

Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell) readapts James O'Barr's comics, written to exorcise the death of his girlfriend.

Difficult to detach yourself from the adaptation of The Crow, the film by Alex Proyas released in 1994 with Brandon Lee and Michael Wincott. However, this is the mission that director Supert Sanders has given himself (Snow White and the Huntsman, Ghost in the Shell), screenwriter Zach Baylin (The Williams Method) and the actor Bill Skarsgard (the clown of That), who succeeds the actor, thirty years after the release of this cursed film.

After a few dark photos, the trailer for The Crow 2024 just fell. It announces a particularly violent film, where the proofs of love are written in blood.

Bill Skarsgård is The Crow: first images

Brandon Lee died on the set of The Crow, when a shootout scene went awry, with one of the weapons supposedly loaded with blanks actually being deadly. It's impossible not to think about it when seeing Skarsgård being shot multiple times, absorbing the bullets to better take revenge on his attackers.

However, everything is done to offer a new reading of the particularly dark comics of James O'Barr. At the end of the 1980s, the author designed his comics to exorcise the death of his girlfriend, killed in a car by a drunk driver. This adaptation goes directly back to its boxes, drawing inspiration from the drawings of The Crow to portray his loving couple, for example during intimate scenes shared in bed or in a bath.

Bill radically changes his look to play his version of Eric Draven, opting for a short haircut (not Brandon Lee's long hair), tattoos and outfits more reminiscent of gangsta style than goth. “This look was me in the 90s when we were hanging out in London. A style mixed with modern influences like Post Malone and Lil Peep“, its director recently explained.

The hero's beloved is played by FKA Twigs, famous hip hop artist, and the big bad is this time played by Danny Huston (American Horror Story, Succession).

This new version of The Crow will be released in theaters on June 5.

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