What are we watching this weekend?  Two Cannes gems, Camille Cottin in Venice, a doc crowned at the Oscars...

What are we watching this weekend? Two Cannes gems, Camille Cottin in Venice, a doc crowned at the Oscars…

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The film in theaters: The Sweet East by Sean Price Williams

Indie sensation of the last Cannes Film Festival, this Alice in Wonderland new age, produced by the Safdie ops director, should not be reduced to its trendy packaging (the promised A24 has nothing to do with it this time!) but praised for what it is: a surprising intimate odyssey in an America too muffled and worried. More than Simon Rex and Jacob โ€œElvisโ€ Elordi, itโ€™s the falsely evanescent Talia Ryder who wins.

What's new at the cinema this week

The film on VOD: The Passion of Dodin Bouffant by Tran Anh Hung

The Tran Anh Hung feast with Binoche and Magimel with small onions, had been, as we know, sidelined by the Hollywood raout legitimizing the rebellion raised very early on by the ardent defenders of Fall of Triet who ultimately did not lose too much in the process. That finished, it's time to eat Dodin again, to return to the kitchens and savor the saving timelessness of this anti-Top Chef, awarded at the last Cannes Film Festival, which makes staging an aromatic. Oh camera pauses your flight !

Watch The Passion of Dodin Bouffant on VOD on Premiรจre Max

The film on TV: Mystery in Venice by Kenneth Branagh

Does Kenneth Branagh's trilogy based on Agatha Christie's novels deserve all the mockery it has received? Gal Gadot and her performance in Death on the Nile, without a doubt. But above all not Mystery in Venice, the freest and best adaptation of the three. Poirot shifts into fantasy and confronts his demons, offering us pure moments of thrill but also emotion around the trauma of war. The ultimate argument for giving her a chance on Canal Plus: our national Camille Cottin (who will be the mistress of ceremonies at the next Cannes Film Festival) shines there alongside Tina Fey & co.

Watch Mystรจre ร  Venise Friday at 9:10 p.m. on Canal Plus (and on MyCanal until June 20)

Series : Invincible season 2 – part 2

After an unbearable break of a few months, season 2 ofInvincible finally resumes. We left Mark in very bad shape on a distant planet and this new episode (there will be three more in the coming weeks) takes place immediately after the Viltrumites attack. On the program, a lot of action and suspense between Earth and Mars, and a big case of conscience… If you have never tasted this adaptation of the comics by Robert Kirkman (also creator of The Walking Dead), it's probably time to binge both seasons in one go: you've never seen the superhero genre treated this way.

look Invincibleur Prime Video

The DOC : 20 days in Mariupol by Mtyslav Chernov

On February 24, 2022, when the Russian invasion was launched on Ukraine, Mtyslav Tchernov, a war photographer for the international press, was in Mariupol. Armed with a single conviction: we must “record, archive, so that a trace remains“. For 20 days and until Russian tanks entered the city, he filmed the capture of Mariupol, engaged in conversation with its inhabitants, and recorded hour by hour the destruction of the city. The result was a traumatic documentary (recently awarded the Oscar for best doc), which follows this journalist as he struggles and clings desperately to the truth before discovering in the middle of his journey that it no longer has any value. You will see no more heartbreaking this week.

Watch 20 Days in Mariupol streaming on France.TV

The classic : The Voyeur by Michael Powell

A young man, who works as a cameraman on film sets, films pretty women before killing them… Absolute masterpiece of fetish cinema, released the same year as Psychosis, The Voyeur sums up all the morbidity of Powell's film. Above all, this quasi-experimental masterpiece would serve as a template for all the raciest slashers and giallos ever filmed. The 4K Studio Canal edition that is coming out is literallyโ€ฆ to kill!

Le Voyeur has been re-released in theaters, and also available on DVD and Blu-ray

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