Bruce Willis was very generous with the Armageddon team

Bruce Willis was very generous with the Armageddon team

“Bruce is such a good guy,” says the producer of the Michael Bay film, Jerry Bruckheimer.

In 2022, Bruce Willis, very ill, retired from Hollywood. Two years later, tributes are still pouring in for the star and his career dotted with films that have become cult. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Gilliam, John Travolta… and today, Jerry Bruckheimerwho this time does not necessarily applaud the actor, but rather the man.

Emeritus producer, to whom we owe in particular the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean And Top GunBruckheimer returned to the filming ofArmageddonblockbuster Michael Bay from the 1990s. Disaster film whose screenplay was co-signed by Abrams , he predicted that an asteroid would crash into Earth unless a team of oil drillers converted into astronauts for the occasion could destroy it before the collision. Bruce Willis plays Harry S. Stamper, leader of this strange team, respected by his men, and not just on screen.

In an interview given to PeopleJerry Bruckheimer tells us that the sixty-nine-year-old actor, who shared the bill with Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler And Ben Affleckwas very appreciated by the film teams.

“Bruce is such a good guy.he declares. He was so generous to the team. There were raffles, and he threw a lot of money into the hat, and the team members always took home a little extra money at the end of the week, whoever won.”

An attitude which earned him to be described as “good friend” and D'“very generous man” by the producer, and which echoes the testimonies of his former collaborators which have already been relayed by the media.

Bruce Willis' latest film is Assassin, released last year. Despite the wishes of some, like Quentin Tarantino who would have liked to find him for his tenth and final film, it does not seem that the actor will one day return to service.

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