Captain America 4: three big sequences returned after a bad test screening?

Captain America 4: three big sequences returned after a bad test screening?

Hollywood is getting back on track after the strike, but this blockbuster won’t be seen until 2025.

An agreement was reached between the actors and the studios, ending the strike after 117 days of struggle. The Hollywood industry is therefore getting back on track and all the projects put on hold are restarting with full speed. Among them is one of Marvel’s many productions, Captain America: Brave New World.

The podcast The Hot Mic relayed a rumor concerning the next part devoted to the shield-bearing superhero, directed by Julius Onah (The Cloverfield Paradox). Taking place after the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldierthe film will now follow Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), ex-Falcon, who dons the costume of Captain America and brandishes the tricolor shield following Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

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The rumor started by The Hot Mic remains to be confirmed, but in general the team is well informed. Jeff Sneider explains that the film would postpone its release to 2025 because its test screening would not have been conclusive. Following this, three sequences should be returned from January until May/June 2024. That is, substantial reshoots, which would justify its recent postponement to the following year: Deadpool 3 is the only Marvel film scheduled for summer 2024.

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