Christina Hendricks explains how her hand ended up on the American Beauty poster

Christina Hendricks explains how her hand ended up on the American Beauty poster

Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning film returns this evening on Arte. Little illustrated anecdote to keep you waiting…

In 2019, Christina Hendricks revealed on his Instagram account that it was his hand that we saw on the official poster ofAmerican Beauty, the cult film by Sam Mendes with Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. The star of Mad Men did not, however, give more details on the why and how of this anecdote. What she finally did two years later during an appearance on an American radio show (via EW).

We will share this anecdote again during the rebroadcast of the film, at 8:50 p.m. on Arte.

I was a model at the time, and one of the jobs I got was to take photos for a movie poster. I had no idea what movie it was. There were two models, another girl and me. We did different versions with his hand and his stomach, with my stomach and his hand, and my hand and my stomach. Finally it was my hand and her stomach that were held.” The latter belongs to a certain Chloe Hunter.

I did several jobs like that where I was a hand model“, continues the actress Drive. “I was a ballet dancer, so I guess I knew how to move my hands elegantly. It was really a little thing. I must have gotten a hundred dollars for that. I was just happy to work. I didn’t know what would become American Beauty. Finally, I saw the film and said: ‘Hey, it’s my hand!'”

The theft of the 2000 Oscars

At its output, American Beauty has indeed enjoyed great success, both critically and publicly, since it passed the $350 million mark in box office revenue. It notably received five Oscars: best film for Sam Mendes, best original screenplay for Alan Ball, best cinematography for Conrad Hall and best actor for Kevin Spacey.

A few years later, the actor was accused of several sexual assaults. He was recently exonerated.

According to Alan Ball, Kevin Spacey is tainting American Beauty

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