Chucky invites himself to the White House in the teaser for season 3

Chucky invites himself to the White House in the teaser for season 3

The evil doll is ready for a bloodbath in the Oval Office.

In October, while Albert Dupontel will be a candidate (fictional of course) for the French presidential election In Second roundChucky will also make fun of politics, but across the Atlantic! Chain SyFy continues the broadcast of the series derived from horror films designed since 1988, and in this third season, the evil doll will invite herself to the White House, reveals this teaser. To issue more lax laws towards criminals?

Chucky: The cast of Bound reunited in season 2, the series continues its meta jokes!

The launch of this series was able to mix with a good dose of humor all the stories linked to Chucky, from his first appearance with the voice of Brad Dourif to the arrival within the saga of the actor’s daughter , Fiona Dourif, in 2013. Jennifer Tilly, the interpreter of the killer’s girlfriend (whether human or doll) since Bride of Chucky in 1998 was also there, and it gained importance during the second season.

An even crazier sequel, where we found Tiff and Chucky’s child, Glen/Glenda (now played by Lachlan Watson). Always pushing the trash cursors further, this season 2 also supported “strong messages on homosexuality and transidentity”congratulated the actress when telling in First his 25 years in the saga. The casting of Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano alongside him marked the reunion of the main actors of Boundthe Wachowskis’ lesbian thriller released in theaters in 1996.

For this third season, still supervised by Don Mancino, and which will see Devon Sawa return, but in a new role (he changes each season, which allows him to play with the public), Chucky will therefore always be “meta”. The big bad will visibly manage to integrate the highest levels of the country, where he should once again wreak carnage.

The Bloodbath is scheduled for October 4 on SyFy, as well as the streaming service Peacock. On the other hand, we do not yet know on which medium the continuation of the series will be broadcast in France, because its initial season was offered on Salto, a platform that closed at the beginning of the year.

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