No season 2 in sight for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who live

No season 2 in sight for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who live

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira are not opposed to returning. But…

Rick and Michonne's reunion was intense…and short-lived. After six episodes, it's already over. And obviously, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will not have a season 2. In any case, this is not currently planned. Spoiler alert!

It must be said that the story ended in a beautiful way, when the couple managed to return to Alexandria, in the last moments of the finale, to find Judith and RJ. A happy ending which “will definitely lead somewhere…but maybe just in my head. Maybe just my own fan fiction“, replies the showrunner Scott M. Gimple at Entertainment Weekly. He then specifies that a series of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who live is not in sight at all:

“So many different things to think about. From everyone's agendas, to the plots themselves. You never know, but for now, there's nothing on the table… except my little ones. personal fan fictions, which I write in the evenings for myself.”

The screenwriter continues and explains that this mini-series was “a crazy adventure. For six years, we had a lot of hope, of reversals, of work. And in the end, it turned out even better than I had dreamed.”. So no question of touching that for the moment.

A sequel remains however “possible“, according to the casting. Andrew Lincoln opens the door, while Danai Gurira find the idea for another season “truly fascinating. I think the problem with the parent series was that there was too much going on. We couldn't focus on the real issues of two people's dynamics or crises. We couldn't give them enough screen time to make room for the big bad to face and/or the action.”

So will Rick and Michonne ever come back? Possibly, and we can imagine a reunion with Daryl, Maggie and Negan, when the other spin-offs Walking Dead will, in turn, take the road to Alexandria.

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