The Croods 2, a crazy neighborhood quarrel (review)

The Croods 2, a crazy neighborhood quarrel (review)

If this Dreamworks didn't do too well in theaters, it's worth catching up with it this evening on TV…

The Croods have survived their share of dangers and disasters, but now they face their greatest challenge: meeting another family.
The Croods need a new place to live. The prehistoric family then leaves in search of a safer place. When they discover an idyllic paradise surrounded by walls, they think all their problems are solved… But one family already lives there: the Bettermans.

With their treehouse, amazing inventions, and acres irrigated with fresh produce, The Bettermans are far above the Croods on the evolutionary scale. They welcome the Croods with joy, but soon tensions escalate between the cave family and the modern family.
But a new threat will propel the two families into an epic adventure beyond the walls, which will force them to accept their differences and use each other's strengths.

A week after the rebroadcast of CroodsGulli offers its sequel, just as successful.

In 2013, The Croods earned more than 500 million dollars worldwide, and attracted more than 2 million curious people to the cinema in France. Accompanied by good reviews, the animated family film from Dreamworks, however, took longer than expected to have a sequel. Not because his team didn't want to come back – on the contrary, co-director Joel Crawford loved designing this prehistoric story full of twists and turns, and his voice actors Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds too – but because of concerns studio financiers.

The Croods 2 was quickly announced, then canceled in 2016, before rising from its ashes in 2020. The film was finally released in cinemas in July 2021 in France, a few months after being offered on a limited basis in American theaters, in parallel with 'a VOD broadcast – in the midst of the Covid epidemic, the studios were testing new broadcast offers, and The New Era paid the price. He earned $216 million worldwide, half as much as his predecessor. Ditto in France where it attracted 1.1 million spectators during the summer, which is a success, but well below that of the original film. However, he did not lack qualities…

Dragons and The Croods deciphered by their director Chris Sanders

Here is the review of First :

Eight years after the first part by Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco, the Croods return and need a new home. The small prehistoric troop comes across a corner of paradise surrounded by walls, where another family already lives, the Bettermans, a step above on the evolutionary ladder. This little pretext scenario allows us to confront two completely opposite worlds (roughly, so-called rednecks and good-natured CSP+). It might seem weak, but director Joel Crawford turns it into a crazy neighborhood feud involving saber-toothed tigers and other giant animals.

The film moves at lightning speed, with a series of hilarious gags (even for adults). It's a bit of a mess, but the fun outweighs everything. Noble entertainment, made with a lot of heart and mischief.

Note that since this return of the Croods in great shape, Joel Crawford has been resurrected with just as much panache The Puss in Bootsalways for the same studio.

Joel Crawford tells us all about Puss in Boots 2

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