Nicolas Cage reveals himself (finally) in the new Longlegs teaser

Nicolas Cage reveals himself (finally) in the new Longlegs teaser

With, as a bonus, a new “Zodiac”-style enigma to decipher.

The mystery thickens around the horror film Longlegs. Expected as a real event, the latest achievement ofOz Perkins (Gretel and Hansel) follows an elusive serial killer (dubbed Longlegs by the authorities) hunted by FBI agent Lee Harker. According to the official synopsis, the investigation “takes unexpected turns, revealing evidence of occultism”.

For several months now, the Neon studio has been revealing the film piecemeal, using codes and cryptic images. After a labyrinthine trailer in February, this week, a new short gives us a riddle to decipher teaser : enough to give food for thought to the most impatient among us.

In the middle of the images, there are sort of violent flashes taken out of context (a man armed with an ax stands in front of an outstretched hand, a little girl is motionless in chiaroscuro lighting, a woman stabs another, a man strangles someone in a doorway) a text written in blood letters scrolls on a black background:

“So close to crimson and clover

It's all gone to the brink now

Where the black begins

The long forked tongue whistles”

An almost untranslatable statement, and already very obscure in its original language. As it fades, the text leaves behind only the letters making up the name Longlegs, while Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) remains alone, confronting her own image which is reflected in a mirror. With the text, the voice-over evaporates, which opens onto the occult side of the film: the FBI agent admits “never having said your prayers”.

But beyond confusing the viewer, this new teaser also gives some answers. Comparing it to the new poster for the film, which shows Lee Harker from behind, facing a person whose shaggy hair is only visible, we understand that the man we see strangling someone, and who had already been seen in other promotional videos without being identified, is perhaps Longlegs himself. A first when we know that Neon had until then concealed the appearance of the serial killer played by a Nicolas Cage metamorphosed, therefore.

A marketing strategy that works: in a few hours, social networks were on fire, memes multiplied and theories proliferated, promising a certain success for the film of Antony Perkins' son.

If this teaser remains very mysterious, it gives information which is not so much. The mention the reference “7.12” is not part of the enigma, but refers to the release date of the film in the United States, July 12. In France, Longlegs will be in cinemas from July 10.

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