Clear History: Sweet Madness (Critical)

Clear History: Sweet Madness (Critical)

A well shaken social comedy by Delépine and Kervern, carried by Blanche Gardin and Denis Podalydès.

Clear historythe comedy by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern released in the cinema during the summer of 2020, will return to television this evening, precisely at 9:10 p.m. on France 3. First recommend it to you.

These are two voices that do a lot of good. A duo that seizes the more and more left behind in our increasingly rich world. These magnificent antiheroes sublimated by two filmmakers who have their feet on the ground but their heads in the stars and transcend this distressing and unfair daily life.

Their new social and poetic fantasy features three Don Quixote attacking modern-day windmills. Three neighbors of a subdivision of one of these medium-sized French cities, epicenters of the movement of yellow vests. Marie, victim of sextape blackmail, Bertrand (addicted to advertising calls and fell in love with the voice of the one who calls him regularly to offer him packages and subscriptions of all kinds), whose daughter is harassed in high school, and Christine, a VTC driver who is desperate to see her customers’ ratings take off. Everyone would like to recover their data or at least control them. Even if it means going across the Atlantic to the servers of the parent companies of these GAFAs…

And it is there, of course, that the film switches into this poetic madness, where Ubu and Kafka are one. Blessed bread for Blanche Gardin and Denis Podalydès, marvelous with madness as sweet as it is disturbing. Too bad that Corinne Masiero locks herself in the same lazy score as usual, which turns into painful autoparody. Going against the current of Delépine and Kervern’s cinema, which is always apparently the same, but each time crossed by nuances that take it elsewhere.

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Benoît Delépine and Kervern present Erase history on video

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