Rosamund Pike: "Moraine will be much more vulnerable in season 2 of The Wheel of Time"

Rosamund Pike: “Moraine will be much more vulnerable in season 2 of The Wheel of Time”

As season 2 arrives on Prime Video on September 1, the interpreter of Moiraine Damodred reveals to us what awaits viewers, between deep trauma and “new major enemy” …

PREMIERE: At the end of season 1, Moiraine loses all of her powers… In what state do we find her?
: Moraine is no longer the same woman. She is traumatized and lonely, like a wounded animal that pushes away everyone close to her. In this world, being cut off from the One Power for a woman is one of the most painful traumas, equivalent to the loss of a child. So you’re going to see how a hitherto incredibly powerful character will try to face his enemy while being deprived of his greatest weapon.

What new aspects of his temperament have you discovered?
She seems much more vulnerable. She feels like she’s missing a fundamental part of her identity. And that doesn’t happen in the books, it’s an exploration by our writers. I was a bit appalled: I liked Moraine for who she was and I didn’t want to see her suffer. So it was a challenge, not entirely pleasant, but very interesting.

Losing the Unique Power means losing the link with his Champion. How is Moraine and Lan’s relationship impacted?
Their dynamic takes a hit! In this world, the Aes Sedai and their champions are linked psychically but also physically: this link allows them to stay longer without sleep, without food, but above all to feel what the other feels. Suddenly, Moraine and Lan find themselves in a deafening silence, cut off from each other. They never needed to communicate because they always had this intense connection that did it for them. So Moraine starts to establish a distance, she doesn’t feel worthy of him, she pushes him away and becomes very cruel. Daniel and I were apart for a lot of Season 2 and we missed working together…

Are we going to delve deeper into the mythology of this universe?
Oh yes, and it’s amazing! The first season allowed to establish the rules, and season 2 deepens them. We go further in the exploration of the characters: there is a new enemy of size, the Seanchan, a people who come from the other side of the sea. They enslave the women who can channel magic, and the use as weapons of war. Their aim is to dominate the world: we see them seizing cities, terrorizing the inhabitants. But there are also some very interesting new female characters like Elayne Trakand, a new novice to the White Tower and future Queen of Andor. She meets Egwene, and their personalities collide.

Finally, wouldn’t the main theme of this series be sorority?
100%. This is one of the great attractions of The Wheel of Time. And that female power is portrayed in an eclectic way, there’s not just one example of what it should look like: in Season 3 that we’re shooting right now, there are two incredibly powerful roles played by women from 70 years. And then we celebrate women, but not only! We also play with genres, creating fluid characters. Our casting director is always on the lookout for bright and unusual faces that are unrecognized by the public. I won’t be very interesting when you get to season 3 because there are so many exciting new characters! (Laughs.)

What can you already tell us about season 3 of The Wheel of Time ?
With the third season, we open the field of possibilities. We’re currently doing an episode that’s really avant-garde, almost psychedelic. We have the possibility to push things this far thanks to the support of the studio. I think we’re making a series that I hope will be watched in 20 years. The goal is not to just reach our time, but to do something timeless.

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