Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn Reunite in Thriller The Marsh King's Daughter (Trailer)

Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn Reunite in Thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter (Trailer)

The two actors from the latest Star Wars trilogy engage in a paranoid thriller in the middle of the forest.

The Marsh King’s Daughter tells the story of Helena (Daisy Ridley), a young woman who will have to face her own father (Ben Mendelsohn), recently escaped from prison. He is now better known as the Marsh King, a notorious psychopath who held his wife and daughter prisoner for years in the forest. The trailer makes the oppressive and paranoid atmosphere of the film crystal clear. Daisy Ridley And Ben Mendelsohn will indulge in a game of hunter and prey through the prism of the father-daughter relationship. This one will have to dig up her childhood traumas to hope to overcome the father.

The film seems to favor real sets and the importance of the forest as a dramatic space, promising us beautiful sequences of anxiety. The stakes are high for Helena since she herself has a daughter whom she must protect from her diabolical grandfather. Daisy Ridley takes over a heroine role badass who does not let himself be done recalling his character of Rey in the last trilogy Star Wars. Directed by Neil Burger (Divergent2014), this thriller will be available soon on Amazon Prime Video.

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