Denis Villeneuve started writing Dune 3: "If I manage to make a trilogy, that would be the dream"

Denis Villeneuve started writing Dune 3: “If I manage to make a trilogy, that would be the dream”

The director confirms that he intends to adapt Dune Messiah, written by Frank Herbert to show that Paul Atreides should not be seen as a hero.

Ironically, when Warner Bros has decided to postpone Dune – Part 2 in the spring of 2024, the magazine Empire was about to unveil its new number, with Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, Austin Butler, Léa Seydoux, Florence Pugh and the other stars of the saga on the cover. And an interview with the director Denis Villeneuve talking about his big screen adaptation of the universe imagined by Frank Herbert was at the heart of the special file Dunes. During which he confirms that he really wants to shoot a third part inspired by Dune Messiahfrom the same author.

“If I manage to make a trilogy it would be the dream, comments the director. Frank Herbert wrote Dune’s Messiah in reaction to people seeing Paul Atreides as a hero. Which is not what we wanted to do. My adaptation is closer to that idea, which is actually a warning.”

Villeneuve therefore confirms the rumor that has been circulating since the beginning of the summer: he intends to adapt this other novel in the saga Dunes. He even explains that he has already started “to write a few words on paper”but adds that if he manages to shoot the entire trilogy, then he will be done with Arrakis. “After that, the books become more… esoteric”he considers.

The studio is also developing a series, Dune Sisterhoodderived from the cinematographic saga, and apart from this franchise, Denis Villeneuve is attached to other projects: the HBO series The Sonwith Jake Gyllenhaala film about Cleopatra and an adaptation of Rendezvous with Rama. He also shared his dream of make a James Bond.

Dune – Part 2 will be released on March 15, 2024 in cinemas. Here is its trailer:

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