Discover the new NCIS team in Australia: trailer

Discover the new NCIS team in Australia: trailer

When an American team arrives in Sydney to protect the Pacific Ocean…

Newcomer to the world of NCIS ! As America’s flagship crime series heads into its 21st season, this fall we will discover yet another spin-off, this time heading to… Australia! After exporting its investigations to Los Angeles, Hawaii and New Orleans, the office will open a new branch in the land of kangaroos with NCIS: Sydneythe first international variant of the franchise.

The trailer (below) has just been uploaded and teases a complicated alliance between local federal agents and those from America, to help keep the peace on Pacific waters (just that).

The official pitch of NCIS: Sydney Talk about “international tensions in the Indo-Pacific world. A brilliant and eclectic team of agents from the US NCIS and the AFP (Australian Federal Police) team up in an international taskforce, to control naval crimes in the most contested ocean zone of the planet”.

The team of NCIS is directed by Michelle Mackey, played by Olivia Swann (Legends of Tomorrow). His Australian counterpart, Sergeant Jim “JD” Dempsey, will be played by Todd Lasance (Spartacus: War of the Damned).

Tour in Australia on real locations, season 1 NCIS: Sydney in 8 episodes will be launched from Monday November 13 on CBS, and in streaming on Paramount + (where it should be broadcast in France at some point).

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