Elementary, from Pixar, will finally be one of the hits of the summer

Elementary, from Pixar, will finally be one of the hits of the summer

Despite its poor start, it is in the top 10 of 2023 with over $400 million in revenue.

When it was released on June 16, Elementary did not shine by its performance, recording 29.6 million dollars for 4035 copies in the United States. Either worst start in Pixar history ! Arlo And Ahead were so far at the bottom of the list with 39 million greenbacks collected each. A blow for the studio, which has had enormous success in the past thanks to the saga Toy Story (whose 3rd and 4 parts are billionaires in the world), The-High or The Incredibles.

However, this small start, in parallel with that of The Flashcaught between the exits ofIndiana Jones 5 and of Mission: Impossible 7, will not arise on a flop. Over the weeks, Elementary managed to maintain its attendance, receiving good reviews from the press and the public, and offering a family-friendly program facing Barbie And Oppenheimer which were both successful, but were not intended for the youngest.

Two months after its theatrical release, Peter Sohn’s animated film crossed the $400 million mark. It has 444.7 million exactly, which allowed it to enter the top 10 of 2023, between the scores of Transformers 7 And Ant Man 3. In the United States, it passed 150 million, and in France too, we find the same phenomenon of success that has been registered over time.

On its first week, Elementary topped the box office at home, but without breaking any records. With 426,818 tickets sold in 634 cinemas, it was below the 482,715 admissions of Buzz Lightning over the same period, of the 515,381 for Ahead and especially the million and a half of curious people moved in the first week to discover Toy Story 4in 2019.

Except where The Flash quickly collapsed after its poor start, Elementary stayed in the top 5, then top 10 for most of the summer. Now it has 2.7 million admissions, which gives it 9th place in the 2023 ranking between the scores ofIndiana Jones 5 And mission impossible 7.

With Elementary Pixar is on fire again (review)

A success that is all the more impressive in that it is one of the rare blockbusters of this year not to be drawn from an already existing franchise: by playing with the elements, Pixar is reviving its tradition of films “high concepts”mixing strong ideas and emotions to touch spectators of all ages.

Here is its trailer:

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