Emily Blunt, big fan of The Nice Guys: she would love to have a cameo in the sequel!

Emily Blunt, big fan of The Nice Guys: she would love to have a cameo in the sequel!

Shane Black's action comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe makes The Fall Guy star laugh a lot.

In full promotion of their free adaptation of The Man Who Fallenby David Leitch, Emily Blunt And Ryan Gosling played a game on the microphone of Collider : what if the flagship films of their respective careers had a sequel? Very inspired by the question, Emily Blunt first gently made fun of the interpreter of Ken in barbie explaining that knowing him, he would choose one of his lesser known projects for her, Salmon in the desert (2011) “just for the pleasure of repeating this title, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” The person concerned confirms by smiling, then when the interviewer suggests that Emily shoot instead Edge of Tomorrow 2the sci-fi and action film in which she met Tom Cruise in 2014, she retorts: “I knew you would say that! You like bold choices.”

In reality, the recent rapprochement between Cruise and Warner Bros. immediately reignited the rumors concerning this project, and if Blunt has already said in the past that she would do it again without hesitation, she is not adding anything concrete for the moment. On the other hand, she admits that she would love to see the sequel to The Nice Guys (2016). Directed by Shane Black, this investigative comedy starring Gosling, but also Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Angourie Rice and even Margaret Qualley and Matt Bomer, offers Ryan the opportunity to have fun like he rarely does on screen.

“Run and see this movie!exclaims Emily as soon as her title is mentioned. It's Paradise, it's so successful. This is truly Shane Black at his best.”

She then recounts, bursting with laughter, the scene where Gosling's character acts as if he were under the influence of alcohol and ends up falling from a roof. “He’s there like: 'Go ahead, shoot me'then it switches on its own… (she bursts out laughing, accompanied by an equally amused Ryan). It is so good ! “

If he admits to having excellent memories of this experience, he suggests that he prefers not to touch it again. “No no”, he replies when the idea of ​​a sequel is launched. “But it's true that it was so good…he adds towards his playing partner. Or you could replace me in number 2 ” Neither one, nor two, the actress gets carried away: “Yes, definitely! Oh my God, I'm signing right away. It'll just be me and Russell Crowe, my dream!” To which Gosling adds with a laugh: “Okay, so let’s start a fundraising campaign…”

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Because when it came out, The Nice Guys didn't do well enough at the box office to get a sequel. Gosling details that in front of angry Birdsthis project yet critically acclaimed (in particular by fans of Kiss Kiss Bang Bangfrom the same director, who find the same spirit there) did not make the weight. “They had a sequel!”he regrets.

The journalist concludes this exchange by explaining that throughout the interview, the possibility of a Nice Guys 2 seemed “less of a joke, more and more plausible.” He details that when leaving, he offered to send the exchange to Warner Bros., so that the studio could witness Emily Blunt's enthusiasm and validate this crazy idea. “Go for it !she replies. No, but I'm serious. If the film is made, I will come for a scene, I promise.” To which Ryan Gosling responds, still snide: “Okay, but make sure it comes out between two angry BirdsSO.”

The Fall Guy comes out this week in cinemas, and The Nice Guys is currently available on First Max. So don’t hesitate any longer, follow Emily Blunt’s good advice! Here is its trailer:

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