Emma Corrin will be the big villain of Deadpool & Wolverine

Emma Corrin will be the big villain of Deadpool & Wolverine

The former Lady Diana should play a fierce antagonist, twin sister of Charles Xavier…

Deadpool & Wolverine is once again in the spotlight, four months before its release. Photos of sets, extracts from soundtracks revealing major developments in the plot… the feature film is not safe from prying eyes. To the chagrin of its star Ryan Reynolds, who asked fans and paparazzi not to spoil the surprises of this third opus of Deadpool, new revelations have recently surfaced. SO watch out for spoilers!

IGN reports that some eagle-eyed fans recognized in the participation ofEmma Corrin the character of Cassandra Nova, antagonist of the X-Men. Comic book fans know who it is. In the comics, this formidable character is in fact a mental parasite, a twin sister that Professor Xavier should have had.

These two share the same haircut… She is capable of assimilating human DNA and creating her own body. Basically, she is just an alien astral entity, telepathic and telekinetic. While both were still in their mother's womb, the gifted Charles Xavier detected the evil during embryonic implantation – already very insightful. The latter decided to use his powers to commit fratricide. Obviously, this attempt did not go as planned and Cassandra continued to gather, cell by cell, slowly nurturing a spirit of revenge towards her mutant brother.

For fans of Dead Pool, this last part promises to be crazy. After an intriguing photo of a bald person in the first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverinefans are on the lookout for the latest theories, each one more advanced than the other.

The presence ofEmma Corrin had managed to remain secret until then, but the mystery was solved, unlike Anya Taylor-Joy In Dune 2. Deadpool & Wolverine marks the first appearance of the character of Wade Wilson in the MCU, since the acquisition of Fox by Disney. The mischievous superhero will have to restore the image Marvelafter the huge flop of The Marvels.

Deadpool & Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024. Here is the trailer:

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