First image of Tron: Ares with Jared Leto in costume

First image of Tron: Ares with Jared Leto in costume

Filming has just started in Vancouver, also starring Evan Peters (Dahmer) and Gillian Anderson (Sex Education).

Disney shares first official image of Tron: AresFollowing TronSteven Lisberger's revolutionary sci-fi film released in 1982 and Tron: Legacydirected by Joseph Kosinski in 2010. If the director of Top Gun: Maverick don't pile up again, it's Joachim Rønning (Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Maleficent 2) who was entrusted with the mission of directing this new sequel. Its filming started at the end of January in Vancouver, Canada.

In the casting? We should not find Jeff Bridges, but there will be Jared Leto, Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Hasan Minhaj, Jodie Turner-Smith, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan and Gillian Anderson. The first had the right to the first official photo of the film… but in full costume, helmet included, so that he is impossible to recognize. He also personally shared this image on his Instagram account by meeting the public “on the grid”.

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“I am delighted to now be part of the saga Tron and bring this new film to fans around the world, comments the director in the press release accompanying this first shot. Tron: Ares builds on a legacy of cutting-edge design, technology and storytelling. Now, more than ever, is the right time to return to the Grid.”

Here is his pitch: Tron: Ares will tell the astonishing adventure of a highly sophisticated Program called Ares, sent from the digital world to the real world on a dangerous mission which will mark humanity's first encounter with beings endowed with artificial intelligence…

Disney has yet to precisely date the film, only mentioning a likely 2025 release. Tron: Ares is written by Jesse Wigutow (8 Mile) and Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Enola Holmes…).

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