George Clooney - Wolfs: "We are already talking about a sequel with Brad and Jon Watts"

George Clooney – Wolfs: “We are already talking about a sequel with Brad and Jon Watts”

This big Apple film hasn’t even been released yet and its creators are thinking about turning it into a saga.

Following the resounding releases of Killers of the Flower Moon and of NapoleonApple will continue to program part of its cinematographic productions in 2024 on the big screen, rather than offering them directly in streaming. Among the films already announced, there is Wolfsa thriller by Jon Watts, the director of the last three Spider-Man, which will be carried by George Clooney And Brad Pitt. They will play two spies, lone wolves, who must, despite themselves, team up on a mission.

The two stars, friends in life since the box office of the saga Ocean’s Eleven at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, had not been on the big screen since Burn After Reading, from the Coen brothers, in 2006. And according to Clooney, the two friends should return for a sequel. If Wolfs is a success, obviously.

Granting a long interview to Deadline on the occasion of the release of his new production, the historical drama The Boys and the Boaton the 1936 Berlin Olympics, scheduled for January in the United States, Clooney explains: “We’re already talking about making a sequel to this film that I just shot with Brad and Jon Watts, Wolfs. The shots were great, and Jon is a talented guy and really full of life. He loves his job. We had a lot of fun on this film, and it shows. It’s a little off the beaten track, it’s a great project and it was fun to work with Brad again. We really had a good time.”

Announcing the desire to continue the adventure when the original film does not yet have an official release date (Apple has still planned to unveil it in 2024) is rare enough in Hollywood to suggest that George Clooney is truly attached to Wolfs. Will the reunion between him and Brad Pitt guarantee his box office success? And so the launch of this sequel? We’ll talk about it again in a few months…

Brad Pitt and George Clooney meet in New York to film Wolves, by Jon Watts (photos)

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