Godzilla Returns to Japan: Godzilla Minus One Trailer

Godzilla Returns to Japan: Godzilla Minus One Trailer

From the director of Lupine III: The First.

The trailer for a new kaiju movie, Godzilla Minus One, has just been revealed. First Japanese film in the franchise since shin godzillareleased in 2016, the biggest hit in Japanese cinema that year.

The story will be set in post-war Japan, as the country faces a new threat from the fearsome monster. The film is written and directed by Takashi Yamazakiknown for directing his anime Lupine III: The First which tells the adventures of the grandson of Arsène Lupin created by the Japanese manga author Monkey Punch more than fifty years ago.

A stage beast

Godzilla first appeared on the big screen in 1954 and has been making waves ever since, with books, TV series and comics, as well as several movies inspired by the monster. With the American opuses, this is the 37th film dedicated to the famous monster and the 5th film which is set in the Reiwa era, that is to say the Japanese period which began in May 2019 the day after the abdication to the throne of Emperor Akihito who let his eldest son Naruhito succeed him.

The timeless star paved the way for other monster-themed movies but what really made Godzilla a classic character wasn’t the character’s villainy or monstrosity, rather a topic in the air of the time dealing with how advanced science and technology can go wrong if we are not careful just like with artificial intelligences. The question arises as to who the real monster is, whether it’s the creature itself or the people responsible for waking the creature up.

The upcoming film will once again show just how superpowered the huge creature can become as it returns to wreak havoc.

After its scheduled release in Japan on November 3, Godzilla Minus One directed by Takashi Yamazaki will arrive in the United States on December 1, 2023. It does not currently have a release date in France.

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