Saw X vs Paw Patrol 2 will be the next Barbenheimer

Saw X vs Paw Patrol 2 will be the next Barbenheimer

See you on September 29 for Saw Patrol.

It is impossible that you have missed the exits of Barbie And Oppenheimer this week, the two blockbusters having not skimped on the promotion. The enthusiasm around the two films, whose release was scheduled for the same day, is such that the internet had fun mixing the tangy candy pink universe of Greta Gerwig and the dark and apocalyptic atmosphere of Christopher Nolan.

“Barbenheimer” has thus declined in parody posters, humorous tweets or even clothing. A fusion between two totally opposite films, one telling the existential crisis of Barbie, and the other the “Manhattan Project” intended to develop the first atomic bomb in history.

Barbenheimer won’t be the only “double release” of starkly opposite films this year. Deadline has just announced this Thursday that the film Saw X avaig advanced its release from October 27 to September 29 in the United States. The 10th film in the gore franchise will take place between the 1st and 2nd installments, bringing sadistic killer John Kramer (Tobin Bell) back to life.

New Saw go face it Paw Patrol: Super Patrol (Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie), originally scheduled for October 11, and finally scheduled for September 29. A confrontation even more staggered than that between Barbie And Oppenheimer !

On Twitter, we are already having fun with this “new Barbenheimer”, between two films at the antipodes, on the hashtag #SawPatrol. The studios are surfing on this nascent buzz, but not sure it’s making so much noise…

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