Paralyzed on the set of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe's understudy will have his doctor

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe does not plan to star in the series

The actor confirms that it will not be one. “Intelligently, they want a clean break from the films.”

No, even if you conjure an “Expecto Patronum”, Daniel Radcliffe will not make an appearance in the series Harry Potter, which is announced on Max. The 34-year-old English actor will not return to play the wizard, or even do anything in the series. He told E!News this week:

“I don't think so! Because I think, in an intelligent way, they want a clean break from the films. And I don't know if that would work if I came to do something in it, me or the others. ..”

That being said, Daniel Radcliffe assures that it will be “very happy to watch with everyone.”

And if Max ends up offering him a cameo, over the course of the 7 seasons that lie ahead, he prefers not to commit: “I will answer like a politician: I do not prefer to engage in hypotheses!”

Series Harry Potter will be released in 2026 on Max.

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