HPI: everything we already know about season 4 to come in 2024 on TF1

HPI: everything we already know about season 4 to come in 2024 on TF1

Morgane Alvaro and Audrey Fleurot end their third season tonight.

No suspense after the season 3 finale: HPI will return well for a season 4. Audiences are still spectacular this year, with an average of 9.3 million viewers per episode (including replays), and the sequel is already being written with filming which could begin in the coming weeks.

When will season 4 air? HPI ?

The idea is of course to be able to return next year on the same date: since its launch, the detective series has been broadcast during the spring and it is therefore in the spring of 2024 that we will most likely find season 4 of HPI.

What will season 4 be about HPI ?

“We want to push the sliders of the relationships between the characters further (…) Morgane and Karadec are magnets who keep getting closer and further apart. At the start of each season, we try to pull the rubber band the as far as possible” announces in Le Point the producer Pierre Laugier.

Season 4 of HPI will it be the last?

Despite the success, Audrey Fleurot could tire of the role and the character. But for now, the end is not in sight. “The number of seasons doesn’t really depend on us, it depends on a lot of things (…) But above all we don’t want a wise ending” promises Allociné producer Alice Chegaray-Breugnot.

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