Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, near-perfect action movie (review)

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, near-perfect action movie (review)

Mission: Impossible 5 will be broadcast Sunday evening on France 2, to wait until the release of No. 7, July 12.

After Ghost protocol scheduled for Friday Rogue Nationthe fifth episode of the saga Impossible mission, will return to television tonight. We are republishing our review published in First when it was released in the summer of 2015. Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie will be back on July 12 with issue 7, Dead Reckoning – part 1which promises to be even more spectacular than its predecessors.

Tom Cruise: “I’ll do Mission: Impossible as long as the public follows”

One of the most beautiful moments of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocolit was the one where Tom Cruise, wearing just a futal, is hanging from a wall and hesitating to throw himself three floors below into a garbage bin filled with trash bags and broken glass. He hesitates and won’t. Must not mess anyway. Thirty minutes later, the hero will still end up dangling eight hundred meters – for real – at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Climax of the film and the saga. Then, of course, Ghost protocol was out of breath. Even after having affirmed the weakness and the reality of his hero, how to come down after having done somersaults in Olympus? We can not. Or else we must continue, stronger and stronger, further and further and that’s how it starts directly Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation. By the already famous plane stunt, with Tom hooked for good to the cabin of an Airbus A400M Atlas taking off. Send the credits. Rogue Nation has just taken off by immediately putting the cursor very, very high.

But by opening very strongly with its most awaited scene, unlike Ghost protocol, Rogue Nation actually saves its cartridges. The film will then investigate a series of cleverly placed pieces of bravery, rhythmed like a breath, effortlessly knocking down the latest James Bonds (who have also been betting on introspection since Casino Royale). The plane, a fight with fists, a madly mastered assassination at the Vienna Opera to the sound of Turandot (the most beautiful sequence?), the aquatic break, which continues with a dingo motorized chase. When it ends, the viewer is exhausted. The film then ends with a dry and tense thriller scene, which does not play the spectacular but pure efficiency. And we realize that the film synthesizes the will of its two masters: Cruise actor-producer for the crazy stunts and McQuarrie for the post-modern thriller (the opera summons Hitchcock from The Man Who Knew Too Muchand the final knife fight comes from his Jack reacher). And the Cruise show is truly, totally spectacular. But the film is also – above all – a team film. Brandt in the corridors of Washington, Benji in tech support who has definitely become Hunt’s best ally, Luther the hacker, all play a key role. And no, the best character in the film is not Ethan Hunt but Ilsa Faust (what a name!), a troubled agent and seasoned killer played by the splendid Rebecca Fergusona real revelation that pays for the best fighting scenes in the film and does not even need to be the love-interest hero for that.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation: Rebecca Ferguson is the other star of the film

Rogue Nation remains within the specifications of the saga by taking place in the post-Cold War utopia of (very) high-tech espionage, and by endangering the IMF team from the start. This is what the series has been telling since the first film signed From Palma twenty years ago: no evil Russian oligarch, no bearded terrorists with the Koran in hand, no, only traitors, enemies from within and paranoia – the shadows cast by the service wars of the “cold monsters “states.

We are going to see this almost perfect action film for the same purpose that we were going to see the films of Douglas Fairbanks, Buster Keatonlater Jackie Chan, hero of primitive actioners where the star promised to put his own body into play. But in the background, there is a concern: what more will Cruise be able to do in Mission: Impossible 6 ? Go into space without a suit? Climb an erupting volcano? What can the Hollywood star who never stops dying on screen do? This is not new, Achille also ended up going there despite his ancestry. Behind its spectacular appearance, Rogue Nation – let’s be pompous and take up the beautiful expression of Jean-Louis Backès to sum up the movement of The Iliad“is taken entirely by this broad movement which drags him towards the abyss”.

Sylvester Picard (@sylvestrepicard)

Extract of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation :

Tom Cruise: “I’ll do Mission: Impossible as long as the public follows”

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