“I never followed the numbers, but now I'm addicted”: Artus reacts to the success of A little something extra

“I never followed the numbers, but now I'm addicted”: Artus reacts to the success of A little something extra

The comedian's first film continues to break all records at the French box office.

This week, more than 1.3 million spectators came to discover the first film ofArtus, A little something extra. As the film finishes its third week in theaters, these figures add to those of the previous two weeks to bring the film's total cumulative total to more than 3.4 million admissions.

For comparison, the second part of the science fiction saga Dune took four weeks to reach 3 million entries, and eight to reach 4 million. At this rate, A little something extra risks surpassing the last film of Denis Villeneuveand thus become the biggest French success of the year.

Moreover, the attendance rate of Dune: part two has always been more or less descending. For its part, Artus' film experienced renewed interest from the public: if, in the second week, the film had lost 12% of its attendance (it must be said that for its first day in theaters, it had been boosted by May 1), he sees it inflated by 32% for this third week.

A growth which can also be explained by the multiplication of copies available: given the success of the film, Pan Distribution went from 455 to 560 then, finally, 863 copies throughout France.

A little something extra may also have benefited from the “costardgate”. Invited to climb the steps of the Cannes Film Festival with his team of disabled actors, Artus denounced France Inter the disdain of major luxury brands towards its casting.

Cannes 2024: The joyful red carpet of Artus and his team from Un p'tit truc en plus (photos)

However, all's well that ends well, and it was on the Croisette that we found the comedian to ask him what he thought of the records shattered by his first feature film as a director.

“The first night was crazy. I never tracked the numbers, so I didn't realize. (…) And when we made 280,000 on the first day, we said to ourselves: 'Ah, I think there's something going on'”, says the director, before continuing : “Every day I look at the numbers now. I became addicted. And I say to myself: 'It's going to go down, it's going to calm down'. And there we do a third week which is higher than the first, so it goes back up. I find it crazy.”

The rise ofA little something extra will it be stopped by the release, this Wednesday, of the latest chrome addition to the saga of George Miller, Furiosa ? Not sure.

Here is the French weekly ranking from Wednesday May 15 to Tuesday May 21, 2024:

3 million entries for A little thing in Plus, the phenomenon continues

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