Indiana Jones 5 – Harrison Ford: "I wanted to embody Indy when he is no longer an adventurer"

Indiana Jones 5 – Harrison Ford: “I wanted to embody Indy when he is no longer an adventurer”

It was the event of the Cannes Film Festival out of competition: the screening of the highly anticipated Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Quick quick interview with Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, before returning to it at greater length in the magazine…

That’s it, Indiana Jones 5 came out in the cinema. To read our interview with Harrison Ford And Phoebe Waller Bridge in full, go to the kiosks : they are at the heart of our special summer blockbusters issuewith Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible 7 In front page.

Here is a taste of this beautiful meeting in Cannes.

Premiere: During the evening awarding your Palme d’or d’honneur, after editing your career, you said you saw your life flash before your eyes. I feel like at this point in your career, you’re looking to come full circle: you’ve done it with Star Wars, blade runner and now IndianaJones. Is it important to close these chapters in your life?
Harrison Ford
: No way. It’s a business. I’m here for the money (Phoebe Waller-Bridge laughs). It’s a job. I take it all seriously and it’s a lot of fun, but it’s my job. And if a good script falls into my hands and it’s a character I’ve played before, why not? If the script is strong, there’s a good director behind it and…

Phoebe Waller Bridge : But basically, it’s not you who tried to launch this film?

Harrison Ford : Well… Yes. But it’s linked to the success we had with the first four. And then the opportunity arose to play this character at a different time in his life. That’s what I liked, because until now, he was a character defined by his strength, his courage, his youth and his physique. Take all that away from him, and I’m interested. I wanted to play him when he is no longer an adventurer: he drinks alcohol every day, falls asleep in his armchair and has lost many important relationships in his life. Before, of course, he gets back on his feet thanks to the character of Phoebe. A well-written script takes precedence over everything. That’s why I’m working so hard right now: I’ve come across a wealth of good scripts.

So basically, money and good scripts.
(He smiles) Don’t joke around like that with the money… No, in fact I sometimes stupidly say that I’m in it for the money, because I want people to understand that it’s my job. That it’s not just a fairy tale. And like any job, there are obligations and challenges.

Phoebe, you end up filming very little, and generally you do it in series or films that you have written. Why did you accept Indiana Jones 5 ?
Phoebe Waller Bridge
: I don’t know exactly what happened in the first place, but I imagine that someone had seen flea bag.

Every good story usually begins with someone who has seen flea bag.
(she is fed up) In any case, I had worked with Kathleen Kennedy on Solo: A Star Wars Story, and she called me to ask me to have dinner with her. It was there that she told me about the ambitions of James Mangold and Harrison. They wanted to talk about his age, the passage of time, loneliness and what happens when you lose your family. Themes that resonated very strongly with me. I was intrigued, read the script and had a blast. I said yes right away. I only accept a project if I immediately see myself playing the character. And I was dying to play Helena. Anyway, I would have killed my competitors if I hadn’t had the role! (Laughter.)

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, June 28 at the cinema.

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