James Gunn denounces a “conspiracy theory” around Superman and Henry Cavill

James Gunn denounces a “conspiracy theory” around Superman and Henry Cavill

DCU fans are convinced that he did everything to fire the Man of Steel interpreter, starting with his adaptation of The Suicide Squad.

We know this, despite an attempt to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman In Black Adam in November 2022, Clark Kent will finally have a new interpreter from 2025. David Corwenset was in fact chosen by James Gunn for its new adaptation of the adventures of the flagship superhero from DC Comics. It was also the first blockbuster officially announced when the writer-director was hired by Warner Bros., with Peter Safran, to oversee the new DCU for the next decade.

The official announcement of Cavill's departure dates from December 2022, two months after the arrival of the duo at the head of this superheroic branch of the studio. As for the casting of his successor, it dates from June 2023. However, fans of the DCU swear on social networks that Gunn had in mind to replace the interpreter of Man of Steel well before that. As soon as he realized The Suicide Squadin 2021. They thus consider that the new “brain” of DC films lied to them!

James Gunn is writing a new Superman film, but without Henry Cavill!

Perhaps the theory comes from the fact that initially, there was talk that this team of anti-heroes would face Clark Kent? James Gunn explained that he changed his mind during production because he preferred the goofy side of showing his Suicide Squad fighting a giant starfishrather than this classic character.

Still, by dint of seeing messages going in this direction, he wanted to dot the i's: no, he is not at the origin of the dismissal of Henry Cavill from this super-saga heroic. His arrival to reboot the franchise certainly disrupted the initial plans of the producers at Warner, but it was not a plan he had imagined for years.

Recently, one of his favorite actors, Nathan Fillion, told Collider how he learned he had been cast as Guy Gardner in Green Lantern, a new super-film also planned for release in 2025 at the cinema. Except that he was wrong in mentioning the preview where this revelation was made to him: it was not during that of The Suicide Squadbut Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3also directed by James Gunn, but for competitor Marvel, and released when the latter had already been hired by Warner to relaunch the DC cinematic universe: in spring 2023.

Explaining this misunderstanding about ThreadsGunn continues:

“I don't understand this theory. Already, I was not interested in the controls of the DCU before Peter (Safran) decided to engage with me, so that he would be in charge of the production aspects and so that I could focus on the creative part, and then I was later hired to write Superman, which was always intended as a new story. So why would I lie about this at the premiere of squad, when it would have ended the same anyway? This conspiracy theory makes no sense!”

The release of the new film Superman is scheduled for July 9, 2025 in theaters.

Who is David Corenswet, James Gunn's new Superman?

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