Joey King, Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron Wash Their Dirty Laundry on Netflix (Trailer)

Joey King, Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron Wash Their Dirty Laundry on Netflix (Trailer)

Les Dessous de la famille arrives on June 28 on the streaming platform.

“An unexpected love story leads to very funny consequences for a young woman, her mother and the famous actor who employs her… Because here they are all three struggling with romantic relationships, sex and existential questions !”

The Underside of the Family (A Family Affair in VO), or when Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron And Joey King are struggling with a triangle combining romance, family ties and work relationships. In short, an imbroglio of absurd situations as Netflix knows how to produce in spades, and what's more, by the producers of Everything except youthe romantic comedy of the year with Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell !

When watching this trailer, we also notice a little family resemblance with The idea of ​​being with youwhich installed, under the Amazon Prime banner, a romance between a music star (Nicholas Galitzine) and the mother of one of his admirers (Anne Hathaway).

For this comedy, Richard LaGravenese goes behind the camera again. A cap he hadn't worn since The Last Five Yearsa musical comedy with Anna Kendrick And Jeremy Jordan released in 2014. In the meantime, LaGravenese returned to his first love: screenwriting. He who participated in the writing of On the road to Madison, The Man Who Whispered in Hair's Ear, Erin Brockovich, alone against everyone And Some water for the elephantslent his pen to Once upon a time 2 And The Comedian.

For The Underside of the FamilyRichard LaGravenese called on Nicole Kidman, who we have rarely seen in the comic register, and who returns to Netflix for the first time since The Promthe musical film of Ryan Murphy in which she shared the poster with Meryl Streepin 2020.

She gives the answer to Zac Efron, who left his extensionsIron Claw in Texas to return to a register that we know well, he who has multiplied the comedies of Our worst neighbors has Ricky Stanicky (released this year on Prime Video), via Dirty Grandpa, Out of control And Baywatch.

Joey King who we were able to discover, as a child, in Crazy, Stupid, Loveor The Dark Knight Risesreturns to the Netflix romantic comedy, a genre which revealed it to the general public with the teen trilogy of Kissing Booth. But this time, it's not about his loves that it's about. In a completely different register, she will be on display in On the wings of luckwhich tells the story of the heartbreak of a Jewish family at the start of World War II, and which will be released on June 19 on Disney +.

The Underside of the Family will be available on Netflix on June 28.

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