Kevin Costner pays homage to the western: new Horizon trailer

Kevin Costner pays homage to the western: new Horizon trailer

The first part of this fresco on the American West will be released on July 3 in cinemas.

During the conquest of the West, and according to the events of the Civil War, a man tries to find the perfect place to settle his community. Around this rather classic plot, the official synopsis announces “breathtaking landscapes”and the table of “the terrible and pitiless creation of America, in a cinematic spectacle of a scale and emotional richness that only the greatest cinema films can offer”.

Duels in the sun, desert chases, confrontation of peoples, transhumance from East to West, and questioning of the notion of border, between geographical zones, but above all between civilization and this wildernesswhich is not necessarily in the place we imagine. Kevin Costner madeHorizon: An American Saga a summary of the Western motifs that made the heyday of this genre, and in particular one of its classics: The conquest of the West with James Stewart, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Debbie Reynolds And Gregory Peck in front of the camera, and Henry Hathaway, John Ford And George Marshall behind.

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Costner signs here his fourth feature film as director, and his third western (after Dancing with the wolves And Open Range), but also a first three-hour part of this American saga in four parts.

The western is a genre that has always been closely linked to the reality of the United States. “Films must have something in common with reality, because if we don’t recognize ourselves in them, they lose us,” declared the director during a press conference given at the Cannes Film Festival, where this first opus of his film was presented out of competition. “Let’s say that I try to make the most realistic films possible. Without being all white or all black,” he said again.

For this exercise in style, he surrounded himself with Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jamie Campbell Bower, Luke Wilson, Jena Malone, Isabelle Fuhrman

This stupendous casting will thus be discovered in the first chapter ofHorizon: An American Saga from July 3 in cinemas. The second part will follow on September 11.

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