Kirsten Dunst doesn't like Spider-Man movies!

Kirsten Dunst doesn't like Spider-Man movies!

With rare honesty, Sam Raimi's former Mary Jane Watson admits: “It's just not my thing…”

Fans of Friends will hear Joey speak to Soap Opera Digest… Kirsten Dunstwho became a star after playing Mary Jane Watson in the trilogy Spiderman by Sam Raimi, reveals today in Variety that superhero films are not his thing. If she saw all three films Spiderman in which she played, she certainly did not go to see the following ones, nor any Marvel for that matter.

Kirsten Dunst confides that he did not see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone take over in the early 2010s, and even less Tom Holland and Zendaya in the MCU feature films. Very honest, she explains with a laugh: “It's just not my thing… But I saw PAW Patrol, the movie though!

However, Kirsten Dunst has no regrets. And besides, even if she hasn't seen any Marvel films, she says she's ready to immediately return to the world of superheroes, if the opportunity presented itself. For the money of course:

“I would say yes, because these are productions where you are paid a lot of money. And I have two children and I support my mother financially…”, she admits with refreshing sincerity.

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