Latest Ashoka Trailer Spotlights Shin Hati On The Dark Side

Latest Ashoka Trailer Spotlights Shin Hati On The Dark Side

She will be one of the main villains, wielding the lightsaber like a Sith!

We know that the series Ahsoka will take place after the Fall of the Empire and before the creation of the New Order. There will therefore no longer be a Sith warrior strictly speaking in the Galaxy. But there will still be Palpatine fanatics, whom Anakin’s former Padawan will have to contend with. We discover in the last trailer (below) some magnificent clashes with the lightsaber, which await us in Ahsoka.

Among the villains of the dark side, we will discover Shin Hati, a Force-sensitive human and apprentice of Baylan Skoll. The two will be the main antagonists of the new Star Wars series, at Thrawn’s command.

Who is Shin Hati?

Shin Hati takes pride of place in this trailer. Actress Ivanna Sakhno reveals in EW that she “Uses the Force intensely and ambitiously. She’s very good at lightsaber combat. She’s a new character, so I don’t want to say too much.”

Sakhno still suggests that there is fear, anger, hatred and pain within her, which drew him to the dark side. “Jhope that despite his character darkness, we can also expand our understanding of that darkness in someone and the reason behind it. I like it. I care about her a lot, and I feel like it’s my job to take care of her and protect her.”

Ahsoka will be released on August 23 on Disney Plus.

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