Loki, season 2: still the best Marvel series on Disney Plus?  (critical)

Loki, season 2: still the best Marvel series on Disney Plus? (critical)

Always as entertaining, the space-time adventures of the God of Mischief have lost some freshness, but they have the good idea of ​​banking on the Tom Hiddleston / Owen Wilson pairing, devilishly effective.

After the failure Secret Invasion and the mockery generated by She-Hulk, Marvel really needed to rebuild its health on Disney Plus. That’s good: the best series in the MCU returns this week to the platform. Season 2 of Loki arrives from tomorrow for new, completely crazy space-time adventures and expectations are enormous. Too much ? Spoiler alert!

In the wake of the season 1 finale, the space-time continuum is collapsing. Sylvie killed He Who Remains and multiple branches were created from the sacred timeline. The TVA is hanging by a thread and Loki can’t even stay in his time… Who can save the multiverse?

Without taking the slightest grain of salt, season 2 of Loki makes us dive head first into the twists and turns of parallel universes, mixes eras (past, present and future intersect) and juggles with paradoxes without giving us time to catch our breath. We no longer know where to turn and with so many knots in the brain, we end up not even trying to understand the causes and consequences. Loki has somewhat lost its spatio-temporal freshness and sometimes gets lost in biblical conjectures.

But even if it is terribly convoluted, this season 2 remains absolutely entertaining. Because it essentially relies on its excellent characters, which were already the strength of the series in 2021. Marvel has understood that the duo Tom Hiddleston / Owen Wilson was a major element of the success of season 1 and this season 2 has everything of a “buddy movie”. Thor’s brother doesn’t really have more screen time than his TVA colleague and the series could just as easily be called from now on Loki & Mobius.

The fantastic pair wanders through the temporal Apocalypse with delightful mischievousness, surrounded by a gallery of insane supporting roles including the formidable Key Huy Quan. The Oscar-winning actor for Everything Everywhere All at Once makes a spectacular entrance into the world of Marvel and there is no doubt that he will quickly become a fan favorite. And then Jonathan Majors – entangled in serious personal problems in the city – plays a central role in the plot. His brilliant “Kang” reveals itself more than ever and in a completely unexpected way. An ideal preparation for the next film Avengers: The Kang Dynastywhich will be dedicated to him (release planned for May 2026).

Loki, season 2, to watch on Disney Plus from October 6, 2023.

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