LucasFilm denies a big rumor surrounding the next Star Wars with Daisy Ridley

LucasFilm denies a big rumor surrounding the next Star Wars with Daisy Ridley

The film about Rey is not at all offbeat!

The media io9 – Guizmodo relayed information from LucasFilm which denies a rumor according to which the release of Star Wars Episode X would be postponed indefinitely. These rumors from the corridors relayed this week said that there would be an artistic disagreement between the director of the film Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Miss Marvel) and its screenwriter Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders). Which would have pushed the studio to postpone the blockbuster, although it was announced with great fanfare during a Disney convention.

The American site now announces that this rumor is entirely false: it is rather the result of a misunderstanding.

Steven Knight always part of the development processEpisode X, which is on the right track. The film will mark the return of Daisy Ridley in the role of Rey, but Adam Driver recently confirmed that he will not be reprising his role as Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Star Wars Episode X will take place after the events of The Rise of Skywalker and will chronicle Rey’s quest to form a new Jedi Order.

The Mandalorian & Grogu, filmed in 2024, will be the next Star Wars film

But before discovering this sequel to the main plot of the saga, the next feature film in the franchise will be taken from the series The Mandalorian. The film is called The Mandalorian & Grogu and will continue on the big screen the adventures of this unlikely duo that began on Disney+.

It was perhaps the announcement of this project that started the rumor, moreover: if Lucasfilm had not specified any filming or release date for its projects Star Wars to come, the fact of revealing first the one marking Rey’s return to the big screen could have made fans understand that this would be the studio’s priority. But even if The Mandalorian & Grogu is finally done before, this does not mean that Star Wars is postponed indefinitely!

In addition to these two projects, two other productions of the franchise are planned for the cinema for the next few years. A film made by James Mangold (Logan), who will tell “antiquity” of the Jedis and the discovery of the Force, 25,000 years before the first two trilogies. The second will be directed by Dave Filoni (Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett) and will take place during the New Republic. He will be responsible for making the link between the different series.

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