Maxime Godart, the actor of the 2009 film Le Petit Nicolas has grown up well

Maxime Godart, the actor of the 2009 film Le Petit Nicolas has grown up well

Now 24, he is no longer a “professional comedian”.

Like the Toto of Toto Jokesas the Ducobu by Elie Semoun, the little heroes of French comedies change actors with each film, to keep the age of the original toddler. So Maxime GodardTHE Little Nicholas of the 2009 film – rebroadcast this evening on M6 as a bonus – had to give way in 2014 to Mathéo Boisselier for Little Nicolas Holidayswho then handed over to Ilan Debrabant to The Treasure of Little Nicolas in 2021.

Not everyone makes a career after this brief stint in the spotlight. Maxime Godard shot another feature film, My best friends (with Marc Lavoine) in the wake of Little Nicholas. He made an appearance in The Grand Restaurant by Pierre Palmade broadcast on France Television. And then he slowly disappeared from the radar.

Faustine Bollaert found him and brought him to the set of “It starts today” last year. 24 years old today, Maxime Godard work essentially not defending LGBT rights. First as a sponsor of an association called “Coming Alive” which “fights against LGBT phobias.” In the process, he realized
a short film with Guillaume Chevalier entitled Constellation and which also deals with the subject of homosexuality.

“Today I am no longer a professional actor, but I continue because it is a real passion”, confided the old Little Nicholas to Faustine Bollaert. At the same time, he now works in real estate.

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