Napoleon: a historian deciphers the trailer for Ridley Scott's film

Napoleon: a historian deciphers the trailer for Ridley Scott’s film

The output of Napoleon of Ridley Scott is an event for cinephiles, but also for historians. The Army Museum has just published a video on its YouTube channel to analyze the trailer for the film, released a few days ago.

Émilie Robbe, head curator of heritage at the Musée de l’Armée and specialist in Napoleonic history, deciphers these first images, shot by shot, to help us identify and date the key events in the life of Napoleon which are told there. And she takes the opportunity to point out with indulgence the errors or historical inaccuracies of the film, like the scene of the cannon shot on the pyramid of Cheops fantasized by the director.

Despite its small details, the historian is rather seduced by the reconstruction and the bias of the film, which according to her embraces Napoleon’s point of view on his own legend. In any case, she does not hide her excitement as her release approaches: “We know that Ridley Scott makes wonderful films, he made The Duelistsbedside film for all fans of the Napoleonic epic, and so we are impatiently awaiting the month of November.

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