NCIS Origins found its young Gibbs

NCIS Origins found its young Gibbs

Austin Stowell takes over from Mark Harmon in the spin-off dedicated to the flagship CBS character.

We finally know the new face of Leroy Jethro Gibbs ! CBS announced yesterday that it would Austin Stowell who would take over the role in the spin-off series of NCIS dedicated to the youth of the special agent. Information that fans of the 21-season series were waiting for, even if the announcement of the return of the characters Tony and Ziva in another spin-off last week had given them something to worry about. An announcement that the actor was quick to relay on Instagram by reposting the article from Deadline.

But who is the new headliner of the American network? Austin Stowell is no stranger to “NCISverse” : he had played a small role in NCIS: Los Angeles, which the most zealous fans will not have failed to notice. But it is especially in Catch-22Hulu mini-series carried by George Clooney that the 39-year-old actor recently stood out. Before that, he made his debut alongside Shailene Woodley In The secret Life of an ordinary teenage girland a few appearances on the big screen, at Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) And Steven Spielberg (The Bridge of Spies), notably.

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This was necessary to meet a major challenge: that of taking up a role still very associated with Mark Harmon, who had however left the parent series after eighteen years in the shoes of Gibbs. He will have to help him the flashback operated by the spin-off whose action will take place in 1991, but also Mark Harmon himself, who will return in the credits, but not in front of the camera, to interpret the voice-over of the series and tell the genesis of the character and his first steps as “a new special agent for the brand new NCIS office at Camp Pendleton, where he will carve out a place for himself on a motley and courageous team led by NCIS legend Mike Franks.”.

Moreover, Mark Harmon and his son, Sean, who also played the character in flashbacks, join the production team as executive producers alongside David J. North And Gina Lucitathe two showrunners.

CBS announced the spinoff series for the 2024-2025 season. It is therefore in September that we should discover Austin Stowell in NCIS Origins. At the same time, the network confirmed that the two spin-offs NCIS: Hawaii And NCIS: Sydney will also continue.

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