One More Shot: what is the sequel to One Shot, with Scott Adkins, worth?

One More Shot: what is the sequel to One Shot, with Scott Adkins, worth?

The One Shot miracle prototype unfolds into a franchise and long-term action saga in the sequel One More Shot, finally available in France on VOD.

Less than twenty-four months later One Shot, and just one year after James Nunn’s last film (Shark Bay), disembarks One More Shot on VOD, the sequel to this little miracle of broke action, entirely shot in (false) sequence shot. The unitary and prototype aspect of the original project seemed to be included even in its title. Furthermore, what could we possibly add to this story of a Navy Seal, played by the beloved Scott Adkins, preventing the exfiltration of a dangerous terrorist into the heart of a Polish imitation Guantánamo?

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Dirty bombs and dirty tricks

The start of One More Shot leaves you speechless: cuts everywhere in the image. At least twenty cuts in barely two minutes to show us, using subjective cameras, a failed raid by Navy Seals in search of a “dirty bomb”. Would the idea of ​​the “single plan” have fizzled out? At the end of the sequence, a slow zoom out reveals a tablet screen which was broadcasting the montage of the assault…

This twist is like this sequel, which begins one or two hours after the end of the previous one, and this time finds itself with a lot of things to tell, a lot of characters to present to us, and as if hampered by its initial concept . One Shot was to the bone, it was a siege film, almost behind closed doors, this one feels obliged to do a lot more (number two syndrome obliges).

He propels Adkins inside a huge airport (desert, at night) to resolve a scheme led by a “rogue nation” aiming to blow up all of Washington and its president with a dirty bomb, therefore. Hence a lot of blabla, plots stated by approximate actors, and captured in sequence and real time for almost two hours. Ouch.

Behind this almost crippling problem there are still sensational moments of action, driven less by the physical condition of Scott Adkins, who seemed a bit tired here, than by the inspiration of James Nunn. Know that there are many of them and that each one has been designed as a small staging equation to be solved (From what point of view? Closed space or wide open? More suspense or melee? With or without exploding heads?) .

Nunn systematically responds in an inventive way to these problems − this with a budget that we can once again imagine is extremely limited. He seems to like it so much that he is already making an appointment for a third, or even a fourth, part. So we’ll see you again in about ten months, for the already highly anticipated One More More Shot.

One More Shot by James Nunn, with Scott Adkins, Michael Jai-White, Tom Berenger. On VOD.

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