Other Sonic series in sight after Knuckles?

Other Sonic series in sight after Knuckles?

The creator explains what he has in mind for the Sonic Universe, after the Paramount + series.

On the heels of the explosive debut of Knuckles on the big screen in Sonic 2 in the cinema (2022), the echidna with the fists of fire (voiced by Idris Elba) is entitled to his own on Paramount + alongside Adam Pally), the time of a six-episode quest. But Knuckles will he be entitled to a season 2?

What is certain is that he will return in Sonic 3 at the cinema next December. Although there is no post-credits scene at the end of the series, bridging the two, MCU style, series co-creator Toby Ascher assures TVLine that the events of Knuckles will have an impact on the future of the Sonic Universe and on the attitude of Knuckles in the upcoming film:

“Now you understand better why this planet Earth is important to him and why it's something he's going to want to defend. When we met Knuckles In Sonic 2, he had a singular goal of obtaining the Mother Emerald in order to protect her, as that was what he had focused on his entire life. This series questions: what does a warrior do once the war is over? We understand that he can also fall in love, have a relationship with friends, find a home. As he progresses through the franchise, he's found a family and he's going to want to protect them – and that means protecting this planet.”

During a season 2? Ascher says he is ready to “explore other seasons of Knuckles if there’s a good idea and a great story.”

But in reality, he would prefer to do other spin-offs, other series derived from Sonicdevoted to other characters: “There are other ideas for television that we're interested in, and of course there are plenty of ideas for spin-off films as well. Knowing that we have this world and these characters that fans love so much, we look for the best stories possible and how to tell them in this world. It will then be necessary to determine which will be the best format, either a series or a film…”

For now, alone Sonic 3 is planned. Released on December 18, 2024 in cinemas in France.

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