Pourris Gâtés: the comedy with Gérard Jugnot which was a hit on Netflix

Pourris Gâtés: the comedy with Gérard Jugnot which was a hit on Netflix

The feature film entered the selection of the ten best Netflix content when it was released on the platform in December 2021.

TF1 will broadcast this Sunday, for the first time in clear, the feature film by Nicolas Cuche entitled Rotten Spoiledwith Gerard Jugnot, Arthur, Camille Lou and Louka Meliava. A comedy that has become a real phenomenon on Netflix! Arriving on the platform in early December 2021 and available in America (North and South), the film was a hit: in total, it accumulated 10 million views on the platform for its first weekend, reported the era Allocinated. A success far from the scores in French cinemas, since at the time of its release on September 15 of the same year, the film had managed to gather 440,000 spectators.

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Asked by BFM-TV Commenting on the unexpected success of the film, Gérard Jugnot, headliner, commented: “CIt’s pretty crazy to see that it’s a hit in Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico. My friend Artus receives lots of messages on Instagram. Many people congratulated him and he did not understand why! Then we saw the numbers and we understood.” He adds : “This international penetration is very new. I had that with The chorists (…) We knew that the film was pleasant and touched people, but from there we received emails from Ecuador and Brazil… That means it’s a good film.” To note that rotten spoiled is adapted from a Mexican film, Nosotros los Nobles, which created some debate in Mexico: is the adaptation better than the original? (via QG)

But beyond the success of the film, this story tells another, raised by Jugnot in his interview for BFM TV : how do films travel abroad, especially in times of crisis? The actor brings a positive response, affirming that Netflix has a real strike force for foreign films, and allows a certain porosity of genres and nationalities, enough to create more accessibility of foreign works. “We have got used to seeing films differently, and discovering them differently. On Netflix, I watch Spanish movies, Mexican movies… stuff I would never have watched before. It falls on us, so much the better”, concludes Jugnot.

Here is its trailer:

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