Ryan Reynolds in tears, the beautiful story of his football club continues

Ryan Reynolds in tears, the beautiful story of his football club continues

Wrexham will officially move up to League One next season.

When Rob McElhenney And Ryan Reynolds became owners of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, the football club stagnated at a quasi-regional level, at the 5th level of British football. Since the arrival of the two Hollywood stars and the docuseries Welcome to Wrexhamwhich put a spectacular spotlight on the club, it continues to climb.

Wrexham AFC clinched their second promotion in a row on Saturday with a 6-0 victory over Forest Green. The Red Dragons thus join League One, namely the English third division, where they will play next year.

“A few years ago, if you told me I would cry with joy at a football match in North Wales…” commented Ryan Reynolds on X, visibly very moved. “Congratulation to Wrexham and to my partner Rob McElhenney. This is the adventure of our lives.”

The two stars were obviously not present at the stadium for the climb. Ryan Reynolds is very busy with Deadpool and Wolverine and by the upcoming release of Blue & Company.

“Thank you to the fans for their support over the years. My soul feels like it has left my body. Incredible moment for the city, the club and the hundreds of people behind the scenes doing difficult things” concludes the American actor, who will be able to recount all these emotions in the rest of the documentary Welcome to Wrexhamrenewed for season 3 in November 2023, to watch in France on Disney Plus.

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