Saw X director returns to film Saw XI

Saw X director returns to film Saw XI

Kevin Greutert is called back by Lionsgate to continue the saga.

Never change a winning team ! Announced last December, Saw XI has just found its director. And, unsurprisingly, Kevin Greutert was renewed by Lionsgate, after its successful stint in Saw X. He will continue his vision with the 11th feature film in the franchise, as announced by Bloody Disgusting.

This will be his fourth participation in the horrific saga, since he signed the Saw 6 (2009) and Saw: Final Chapter (2010), bringing the story full circle, initially. Then Lionsgate wanted to relaunch the saga with Jigsaw (2017) and Spiral (2021), without much success. Suddenly, the studio goes back to basics and entrusts the keys to the horror truck to Kevin Greutertwhich put it to good use last year, grossing $112 million at the worldwide box office.

Saw XI will be released precisely on September 27, 2024 in the United States.

Not much is known about the story yet, but the ominous tagline teases: “The game goes on.”

It remains to be seen whether Tobin Bell will make an appearance as John “Jigsaw” Kramer, knowing that Saw X was a prequel (taking place between the events of Saw and of Saw II) and that the character subsequently died…

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