Scorsese, Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson to the rescue of the American channel TCM

Scorsese, Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson to the rescue of the American channel TCM

After a series of dismissals, the three filmmakers call to order David Zaslav, president of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Since 1994, the cable television channel Turner Classic Movies allows you to see or re-watch some of the greatest classics in the history of American cinema. Its catalog is largely made up of films from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, RKO, former studios that have now disappeared, and especially classics from the Warner Bros. catalog.

If the chain belonged to a subsidiary of Warner, Time Warner, since 1986, it was transferred in 2009 under the aegis of WarnerMedia Entertainment, a larger department which also manages HBO Max (now MAX), Adult Swim, Cartoon Network ….

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This Tuesday, Pola Chagnon, general manager of TCM for more than 25 years, Charles Tabesh, vice-president in charge of programming, Anne Wilson, president of production, and many other people were dismissed by David Zaslav, chairman of Warner Bros. Discovery, in order to boost the channel’s turnover. Upon hearing the news, the filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese stepped up: “TCM has always been more than a channel. It is a true cinema resource, which broadcasts films 24/24 and 7/7. If TCM has never had a large financial capital, it has nevertheless always been profitable since its creation, indicates the trio in a press release published on Wednesday, and relayed by The Wrap. “We understand the pressures and realities of large companies like Warner. The three of us spoke to David, together and then separately, and for him, TCM and classic cinema are very important.

The three directors also insist that the channel does not change its artistic direction and programming: “We were touched, and we are now full of hope for the channel thanks to the conversations we have had so far with David. We will continue to work together to ensure that this channel, this cultural treasure, can continue to exist.“The Wrap reveals that it was actually David Zaslav himself who arranged an initial meeting with the filmmakers following these layoffs, which later resulted in this release.

In 2021, Scorsese indicated in an interview for the Los Angeles Times his love for the channel, which he leaves on during the editing phases of his films on a separate screen: “It allows me to rest, but also to bounce back from the images I see – looking at a simple combination of images is inspiring. It’s like another presence in the room, a real memo on the history of cinema.“Each year in April, TCM also organizes a classic film festival. And coincidentally, a discussion took place this year between Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson, with a noteworthy intervention by David Zaslav: “I’m a fan of the channel, just like you. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have come to talk to you. I watch TCM all the time. It is part of the history of our country.

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