James Cameron could end his career with Avatar, and that suits him

James Cameron could end his career with Avatar, and that suits him

“This world is so vast that I can tell most of the stories I have in mind in it, while exploring all possible visual techniques.”

Waiting for its imminent release on DVD and blu-ray, Avatar 2 will be broadcast tonight on Canal +. Coincidentally, this program falls exactly when Disney just postponed all of its sequels : Avatar 3 will finally be released in December 2023, n°4 at the end of 2029 and the final opus of the saga at Christmas 2031. When everything Avatar will be released, the saga will celebrate its 22nd anniversary, and James Cameron will be 77 years old!

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The words of the filmmaker, collected by Empire at the end of 2022, are thus more topical than ever. Ihe British magazine had organized a meeting between several directors of the landmark films of 2022. The occasion for SS Rajamouli, who designed RRRto ask a good question to james cameronwhich was then a hit with The Way of the Water : “Do you sometimes feel bad about not being able to tell more stories because of all the work that goes into Avatar ?”

The Canadian filmmaker is formal: he will have no regrets if he ends his career with this saga: “Hi, SS I have two thoughts to answer your question. First of all, the world ofAvatar is so vast that I can tell most of the stories I have in mind, while exploring all possible visual techniques. And the second is that yes, our time as artists is limited. I will always mourn some stories that I could not tell. But I’m very happy when other directors want to explore some of my ideas, like Kathryn Bigelow did with Strange Days or Robert Rodriguez with Alita: Battle Angel. I want more collaborations like this in the future with directors I admire.”

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James Cameron is clearly focused on the sequelsAvatar for the moment. He has already completely shot number 3, which would have a first cut of 9h ! An exceptional duration. He would also intend to perform all the special effects of these sequences before making cuts, certainly to be able to reuse the scenes in question in the following films, or long versions ofAvatar 3 ? Why not to design a series on Disney +?

During the summer of 2022, already interviewed on this subject by the same British magazine, James Cameron explained that he had no trouble imagining that the end of his saga could be filmed by other directors : “Movies Avatar in themselves are devouring. There are other things I’m developing that are also exciting. I think that eventually after a while – I don’t know if it will be after 3 or 4 – I would want to hand over to a director I trust so that he can take over the hand, so I could do other things that interest me too. Or maybe not. I don’t know.”

While waiting to know his future decisions concerning the consequences ofAvatarhere is the trailer of The Way of the Waterto be reviewed this evening on the encrypted channel:

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